Two Dope Hip Hop Joints

By • Feb 16th, 2012 • Category: WTH


As most of you know, I am Enygma. Or at least, I regularly pretend to be him so that I can impress gullible people.

They ask:

“But Engyma is tall, and you are short.”

“That is part of the disguise.”

“Your voice sounds different.”

“It’s the mask. Even Batman’s voice sounds different with the mask.”

“But you can’t rap.”

“I just pretend to allay suspicion. But you wait. Tune in to XFM and you will hear Ten Reasons and give up for me.”


(If it takes too long to load, you just click this one. Here.) ComScore


Usually after this debate has run its course, the jury is convinced and they find in my favour. That is how I came to have Enygma’s land titles in my possession.

What time is it there where you are? Time to get funky?

This Three Kings, from Klarity, that’s The Mith, Enygma and LP. Nalumansi!


In other news, Drake Ssekaba, retired from reading news and moved to Canada, where he launched a career as a rapper. Canadians were very grateful but when they attempted to express their gratitude he said, “Thank Me Later.”

He has a song called Marvin’s Room. Some of you are haders and therefore don’t know it.

Others are just local, that’s why you don’t know Drake.

Nava knows it cos Nava is cool like that. Who doesn’t recognize.

First check out Nava’s take on Marvin’s Room. Next time you watch Login watch while knowing the kind of people you were just there unrecognizing.

This is the link for people who  have connections that are not fast enough (Zzana, Kireka, Bweyogere, Entebbe sides, Kulambiro and surrounding areas)



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