Nice Hat Afande

By • Feb 15th, 2012 • Category: Society

Why do policemen in this country keep their helmets on when standing by the roadside? You may not have noticed this because you are usually busy replying that tweet from Alanis Morisette…but since she doesn’t tweet us, we took time off and did some research. Presenting, the possibilities. The helmet, it is:

Police Helmet

  • A shield to prevent aliens from reading their minds
  • A guard against air strikes from hostile countries
  • A pouch for snacks
  • A device for transmitting their thoughts to CPS where they are decoded, sanitized and sent back with instructions on what to say to the errant driver
  • A translator. The policeman speaks in a language of choice and the helmet translates so that all you hear is something similar to English.

    “Elo yoo, wai u not where sit belt?”The helmet was programmed by the Chinese.

  • An American Football helmet. In an aim to get another Mathias Kiwanuka, the Ug police is sending out its peeps to the streets ostensibly to take bribes and shoot people but in reality, they are training for the NFL baby

Relax Afande Odong, I gat dis one

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