Long Walk to Nowhere

By • Feb 7th, 2012 • Category: Walk To Work

You may remember perhaps that the political pressure group Activists For Change (or AFC in short. Some people call them A4C, but I don’t think they are a boy band, so I won’t use the numerical digit) You may remember that they promised us a new wave of street protests and demonstrations. So far we haven’t seen anything major going on. You may be wondering why. You may be thinking, “Have our heroes betrayed us?” or you may be thinking, “Thank goodness lumpens found something better to do with their time.”

Can't you see how we are so N'sync? (giggles)

Whatever your view on the issue for us we investigated and found a transcript from a recent AFC meeting. Prepare to be better-informed about current issues that affect you! Nalumansi!


ALL: Amandla!


All: Aluta continua!


All: Agende!

Chairperson: I call this meeting to order. We are here to plan the protests for 2012. Leggo!

Member: Yeah! Protest this mof… What? Oh sorry. We said no language cos some of us are old. Sorry.

Member: So what are we protesting this time?

Member: The rising fuel prices!

Member: I hear they are not rising. Mbu they are dropping. Yesterday at Besigye’s petrol station a litre was 3,500.

Member: Are you sure that’s not just him setting an example? Taking a loss by removing his profit oba?

Member: Nawe be serious.

Member: Okay, we protest rising inflation rates! Fu… I mean, damn these Inflation Rates that keep rising!

Member: Even those ones I hear are dropping.

Member: We protest load shedding! What is government doing about load shedding? We demand to know!

Member: How can you ask what government is doing when they just opened a new turbine?

Member: But you why do you keep saying such things? Why are you lemesaring? I’m about to protest you instead. It seems you love Museveni secretly. You sound like you have a crush on him…

Chairperson: Look members, there is no need to accuse each other of loving Museveni. Just because fuel and inflation are not rising, that does not mean the country has suddenly become perfect. Surely we can find something to protest about. Let’s brainstorm.

Member: We can protest the general sausage. I mean, everyone is tired of it.

Member: That’s the problem. Everyone is tired of a different sausage.

Member: Then we do like how they used to do in church when I was still saved. Everybody comes for the same prayer meeting but you each pray for your own things, like one person prays for school fees, another one prays for a job, me I pray for deliverance from the spirit of lustfulness, etc.

Chairperson: I like that idea. So everybody gathers around and they each protest their own things, but we all protest together. Excellent. So, we go. Which day do we start?

Member: But chairperson, I have a suggestion.

Chairperson: Please, speak up. Here we believe in freedom of expression.

Member: It’s hot these days. Oba can we protest at night.

Member: But it is also hot at night. Maybe we protest but here, within our offices which are airconditioned. The common man may be used to walking around in the heat, but us who are fighting for him, we may get heatstroke.

Member: That is true. There is no aircon on the streets. I suggest we have Walk At Work protests, where we walk around the halls under the AC.

Chairman: Okay. All in favour say Agende!

All: Agende!

So now you know. AFC have not been idle. They have been very busy protesting in their offices.

Would you walk a mile in my shoes? Would you?


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