What If You Wanted And She Said No?

By • Feb 2nd, 2012 • Category: Society

iots who yap yap for the cultural chap like his poop comes with air freshner. Eh! This thing is on?

Hello minions. It’s Valentine’s season again, time to celebrate good sex.

So, what if you walked up to the girl of your groins, politely asked her out and she said no?

We asked the men in the news:


George Agaba – Prison strategist/KCCA:

“I first ask her to pack her things then I shoot her.”


Sam Kutesa – Cabinet swindler/NRM:

“Depends. Does she have any funds, oil, CHOGM…?”


Robert Kabushenga – Mistake distributor/New Vision:

“No, then I would have asked the wrong woman by mistake.”


James Onen – Antagonism consultant/Sanyu FM:

“There are so many other video games in the sea.”


Junior Kazoora – Superstar watchman/Buddies:

“She thinks she’s the only one with a watch?”


Masiko Kabakumba – Mast assassin/NRM:

“Her mast won’t be there when she wakes up. But am still innocent by the way.”


Alex Ndawula – Veteran screamer/Capital FM:

“That go**mn mathaf****** b**ch! But as long as she doesn’t touch my alcohol.”


Olara Otunnu – Wife miser/UPC:

“It doesn’t make sense. Why would I want a woman?”


Enygma – *********/********:

”                                                                                               ”


Bobi Wine – Smoke dispenser/Firebase:

“Mi na wan blow dem fire fi di blyezin’ hot man, ya know? Ya wan’ some gyanja?”


Aronda Nyakairima & Mugisha Muntu – Tantrum specialists/UPDF:

“I’d understand. Not when this idiot’s face is in the area.” “Who are you calling area?!” “I called you idiot, you idiot!” “That’s not what I heard you rotten guava…” “Oh no you didn’t….”


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