How The President Of Equatorial Guinea Stole A Medal From Uganda

By • Jan 30th, 2012 • Category: Politics

Aide: Sir, the president of Equatorial Guinea is here.

M7: Tell him we already got food from another hotel.

Aide: Equatorial Guinea, sir. Not Hotel Equatoria.

M7: Oh…why is he here? I only invited my BFF Paul.

Aide: Maybe it’s because there’s too much noise there. They are hosting the African Cup.

M7: (Sigh) Okay! Give him a drink and make him comfortable.

Aide: Drinks are over, sir.

M7: What’s there?

Aide: Some chicken and maybe some medals.

M7: Okay. Give him one.

Aide: Chicken or medal?

M7: What do you think?

Aide: But will one chicken be enough?

M7: Give him a medal you fool! All the chicken is for my BFF paul.

Aide: Okay. What should I write on the medal.

M7: What good things has he done?

Aide: I don’t know. Maybe staying in power for long?

M7: Presidents of these days! These are the people who are Africa’s problem. Write “Medal of Excellence”.

Aide: Excellence in what?

M7: What am I, psychic? How the hell should I know? Excellence in getting a medal. Go!


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