Monday Massacres: Roses are red

By • Jan 23rd, 2012 • Category: Monday Massacres

While everyone was running around trying to find out the name of the mother to the Prince…


Not this Prince

 …we were here chilling, eating popcorn and trying to cover smug smiles. We had the low-down all this time. So finally today, the rest of you were given her name and her age. Many of your are cross about the generational gap. Probably because you tried to picture the two of them sweating it out…


Kinda like this

Anyway, while you search Facebook for her picture, we’ll save you the trouble this time. Here it is. Rose Nansikombi a.k.a Rosie in all her glory. Nyonyintono assures us it is the real deal and we believe him

Baby Mama

Baby Mama

Not to stop at giving you her pic, here’s some information on her clan. Nsenene.

Grasshopper Trivia

Grasshoppers taste really good (no double meanings there)

They have strong mandibles. Mandibles can also be used in a derogatory sense. E.g. Take away your mandibles you!

Some grasshoppers know kung fu

Kung Fu Grasshopper

When faced with a tight situation, George Bush always asked himself “What would a grasshopper do?”

George Bush Grasshoppers

Are you thinking what i'm thinking?

Grasshoppers are not bullet-proof

Grasshopper shot

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