Dropping The SOPA

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If you are a student, or a journalist, or a pharmacist or just one of those people who likes winning arguments but never have the necessary facts on hand, you will have noticed that Wikipedia is not working today.


Call your I.T. department


This is because Wikipedia founder Nigel Nasser is a member of KACITA and has joined in the strike against high interest rates which are crippling inflation. Wikipedia joined the strike late because of the time difference between the US and Kampala. In the US it is still last Wednesday.

Oh. I have just been informed that my facts are wrong. (You are going to be seeing a lot of people getting their facts wrong today). Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy something and the site is on strike to protest something called SOPA.

SOPA is a bill being tabled in the United States Parliament that will damage internet freedom and close access to many vital websites and other internet resources that are vital to our day to day life.

The Stop Online Pornography Act has been opposed by many web-based companies with a few of them even going on a one-day strike to show how serious they are. US president Mitt Rommney has already dispatched SPCs with teargas to Wikipedia offices.

This bold move is calculated at raising awareness and also at pressuring legislators to not pass the controversial bill. The side-effects of the strike, such as the poorly-researched articles full of factual errors that are going to appear on the net now that Wikipedia is offline are considered a small price to pay for the freedom of expression.

One noted web-user, R. Ssemakookiro, said he does not think there will be too much damage that will be done if the web goes one day without Wikipedia.

“There are already too plenty of misinformed people on the internet. A few more won’t make a difference.”


But seriously, this is SOPA.


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