Sevo Calls His Ministers Stupid. Meanwhile At One Of The Ministers’ Offices…

By • Jan 17th, 2012 • Category: Politics

Yesterday it was reported that Museveni told the country that his ministers are stupid, a revelation some sad members of his cabinet thought he should have made with a condom on.

So ULK visited one of the ministers’ offices for a heart-to-heart:

ULK: Excuse me sir. Your guard is updating his Facebook so I let myself in.

Minister: You’re looking for who?

ULK: You sir. The minister.

Minister: No, am also just waiting for him. I come here every morning and sit to wait. I’ve been doing it for very many months now but I’ve never seen any minister, can you imagine?

ULK: But sir, your tag says “Minister”. And you’re seated in his chair.

Minister: Oh…so that’s why!

ULK: Why what?

Minister: Every time I come here policemen are walking behind and in front. And people keep coming in asking me to sign funny things…simanyi sign here to give Basajjabalaba some free money which we won’t be able to explain later, sign there to oba what…there’s even a person who keeps putting money on my account at the end of every month. I keep asking why and they call me stupid. I know that! I dress properly here everyday so that am stupid. How is that connected to me asking about the money on my account?

ULK: Sir, when they say stupid, they don’t mean you’re well-dressed. They mean…

Minister: What, so for you you think am not stupid? This suit can buy your house and all your relatives in it my friend. Mssstttcheeeew! Who do you think you are?

ULK: I’m sorry sir.

Minister: It’s okay.

ULK: So how did he find out that you’re stupid?

Minister: Who?

ULK: Museveni.

Minister: Who’s Museveni?

ULK: Your boss. The president of Uganda. And you’re a minister in his cabinet.

Minister: You mean Mzee Natharap? Me I went inside his office to tell him Rugoogo had produced and when I came out, there were policemen saluting and calling me mister minister sir. At first I thought they were joking…

ULK: Who’s Rugoogo?

Minister: The pregnant cow. You don’t know Rugoogo?

ULK: No sir, but let’s stick to the point here. A media organization reported that he called you stupid. How do…

Minister: Rugoogo?!

ULK: No, Museveni. He called his ministers stupid and that includes you.

Minister: Who’s Museveni?

ULK: Sigh! Mzee Natharap.

Minister: Eh! He likes the way I dress properly? God bless that man! Weza that’s why he made me a minister. Please thank him for me and tell him even him he’s stupid.


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