KONA DANCING! For the greater good.

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The Pay it Forward Foundation is a CHARITY organization, which means that all its members are nice people who use deodorant, grammar and changwes. They’re trying (have have been since 2009) to make a difference in the lives of children from a certain school in Kamwokya that you’ve never heard about. You want to meet them, not so? Of course so.


This Saturday, the 10th they’re throwing a HUGE Christmas party at Isha’s, a fantastic bar and restaurant just after the football field which is before Kira road police station. Tagaframe. Last left turn before Kira road police station. Don’t worry about my shitty directions; you’ll be able to fEEl the party. You’re Ugandan. You can sniff out a harre in a sandstorm.


Sniff... sniff... THERE!


Why should you come? Because it’s going to be as epic as ULK’s 411 but instead of all the reggae-ton edginess and the drunken pawing, there’s going to be love in the air plus cheap(er) intoxicants and balloons at the bar.


Also, the whole of ULK is going to be in attendance, so all of you poor unfortunate souls who missed Moe’s hugs and Streets’dubs should come and collect. Meanwhile, if you haven’t received a hug from Maureen, you haven’t ever hugged and your life is incomplete because she’s like clouds and duckling feathers and Chanel and lace. Chests have been known to experience permanent expansion after being pressed to hers.


Because we all know that you’re not coming for the children but for an opportunity to maybe catch the eye of one of the PIFFers, here’s a couple of things you should to ensure that the night yields results and ends in happy vibrations.



  •  Do you see those T-shirts? Look again. They’re really cool, aren’t they? Buy one and you’ll all of a sudden be 20 % more attractive. Everybody likes a boy/girl in a cool T-sho.


Everyone liking


  •  When you slap your crisp 20bob note on the bar counter and the guy gives you balance, don’t put it in your pocket. Walk over to the collection box and dump it there. You’re a generous, loving human being who is pretending to be interested in the welfare of Kamwokya’s children in order to catch a hot date. This means surrendering your balance.


  • Is your home a roach haven because of all the stuff you have but don’t use? Old shoes, clothes and books that you used to read before facebook but aren’t interested in anymore? Give them to a child from Kamwokya and save him or her from a life of music videos.


Do it for the children.

Do it for the potential happy vibrations.

Do it for love.

Naye, don’t come for the PIFF party with only bad intentions. Bring good feeling too. Come radiating joy, kindness and singleness. Come and laugh, make friends and kona dance for the greater good. If you’re lucky, you’ll leave with somebody and put your soul in jeopardy by engaging in squelchy relations without a marriage certificate.


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