Sanyu FM Lounge: My Secret Lover Now Loves Me Less

By • Nov 10th, 2011 • Category: Uncle Agony


Uncle Agony dear,

I like that people here are very bold and honest with relationship problems and I pray that the same approach can be used with my problem. I have been having a thing with a guy I like for almost a year and a half. We were dating undercover because he had a girlfriend and we had to conceal our relationship.

We would never be affectionate in public and we would have to go up country sometimes. When I’d go to his house he would hide me from his housemate. It was hard but we persevered. He has finally left his girlfriend, which is a major step for us.

However, now that we are a couple it is not the same. I do not mean to complain but the chemistry and fire is lacking and I do not feel the way I did when we were undercover. I am confused about how I feel. I do not understand. He also does not put in the same amount of effort and enthusiasm like he used to. What do I do to get the fire back because I do not want to end things. Please advise.



Joyce dear,

I think his ex-girlfriend has also learnt the tricks of hiding and now she’s better than you. Don’t worry. I’m the master of hiding. There are some good hiding spots in that house that will take your relationship to the next level. Have you tried the cupboard? Or under the bed. Or the roof. Or my house. Don’t tell anyone but this house has hidden me from my real wife for years. And no one beats her at searching for people. Come.

If you want him to love you properly, just make sure he doesn’t find you.


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