Uses Of What School Covered

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Many times we find ourselves cursing the education system in this lovely nation. Amidst frothy gulps, we tell our friends how the education system was a waste of our formative years. We speak of how we’d have rather spent that time rearing goats because then we’d now have large farms of goats since they would have mated and produced several offspring, since goats are in the habit of mating. Our friends nod, awed by our genius.


Ha! ULK goat the joke...We are faamouuss

I’m here to set the record straight. Much as having a farm of goats is admirable and something to look forward to, all those years spent learning about John Speke, the Prairies, the Swiss Alps, sine, cosine, tangents and the like were not for nothing. From the sheer amount of knowledge we had to take in during classes, we ought to have bigger heads and constant headaches. There’s a lot we learnt in school that we do not think has use in the ‘real world’. Below are just some of the ways that that massive bank of information you got from school can be put to use:

Finding Area

This is particularly useful in life because many job interviews these days ask you ‘if we were to give you this job, and this was your seat (Human Resource Manager points at rickety chair in the corner), what area does it occupy?’

You are usually given five minutes to pull out your protractor and set square and quickly calculate the area. Most interviewees fail this question so go armed and you’ll land that big job with the UN.


This is very important information. Several times in your life, you’ll be sipping coffee and your boss will walk up to you and say, very fast, “What’s the logarithm of 30?”

83% of employees who do not answer this correctly lose their job within two weeks. Some never actually realize it was because of their failure to answer correctly.

You Are Fired

100m = 1km

This is very important information. Many times in life, you’ll be trying to wife someone. Then when you get on bended knee and pop the question, she’ll gasp, scream, say ‘OMG OMG’, ‘Icntblivdis’, and just before she says ‘yes’, she’ll ask you ‘How many meters are in one Kilometer?’

If you are angazi, she’ll say ‘Love, I want to say yes, but let me think about it’.

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