Monday Massacres: Brand New Morning After

By • Nov 7th, 2011 • Category: Monday Massacres

You may have attended the legendary party on Friday. Your eyeballs may have seen the grace, elegance and beauty embosomed by Miss Kyrte, the Hitchhiker, Maureen and all the damsels-in-happiness that made it for the shindig. You saw all that eye candy? All that ‘Urban ‘n Sexy’ stuff going on?

You may also have seen Baz annihilate Mith and bring him to tears in a rap battle. Mith, no beef man, a legend gotta do…You may also have seen Streetsider beat-up Enygma in another rap battle…I was supposed to deliver the legendary whoop-down but someone offered me food at exactly that time. Streetsider then went and gave Enygma a schooling…we spent a large part of the weekend on phone with various record labels, telling them “Maybe next week, we don’t want to release a song just yet.”


Thank you so much for showing up and celebrating with us. We had a buladde time all of us. Did you? Share your sentiments, your feelings. Us we were over overwhelmed.


If you got lucky and took company home with you, you probably had that awkward how-to-get-rid-of-them-in-the-morning moment. Here at ULK, we look out for you. No worries. Here’s a trick that ha been used since early man tamed dogs.

The Dog Trick

Wake up, put on your jogging outfit, sound an alarm, scream  “the dogs are out!!” and make a mad dash for the door. Run all the way to whichever kafunda you love having breakfast from. By the time you are done, your company will have scampered, half-naked, to safety. Whistle happily back to your digs.

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