Sanyu FM Lounge Edition: My Man No Longer Wants To Have Sex With Me

By • Nov 4th, 2011 • Category: Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

I need advice from those that are married or at least have been in relationships for at least 4 years. I do not want to sound like a sex addict or someone who is obsessed with it but you must acknowledge that it is a very vital part of a relationship.

So when my boyfriend and I had started dating, we waited for almost two years before we started having sex because I was not ready and we did not want to rush. Then we started having sex and it was great and that went on for another almost 2 years and I am talking about good, very good mind blowing sex.

Then we got married in December last year. Initially we had a very good run going but now it has been about 3 weeks and he is just tired. He comes home and just wants to sleep. He will hold me, then pass out in seconds. I was skeptical about trying because I did not want to come off as the wife who cannot do without sex but last week I just tried to seduce my husband and he said he was tired.

I am worried. Is he tired of me already? Is he sleeping with another woman? Does the frequency normally fall when you get married? Please help, I miss being intimate with my husband.

Starved wife.


Starved wife dear,

I stay in Bakuli just after the hospital there. I’m the one next to Hajji Matyampo’s house. If you get a boda from around the taxi park, they’ll charge you only 2,000 shillings to bring you. If you’re driving, just get to that place and ask anyone for Uncle’s house. Your advice is this side.


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