Sanyu FM Lounge Edition: My Boyfriend Refused To Clear My Friends’ Bill

By • Nov 1st, 2011 • Category: Featured Post, Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

The other day something embarrassing happened to me and I am so angry at my boyfriend and do not know how to do this.

The other weekend me and two of my girlfriends were out at this restaurant so I called my man to join us because we usually spend our weekends together and it felt weird that I was not with him.

So he joined us, we ordered, ate and had a few drinks and when the bill came he did something funny. He got money out of his wallet and paid for me and for him and then passed the bill on to my girls.

I was so pissed and embarrassed, my friends just looked on because they didn’t have enough money so I paid for them and then we left. My friends are pissed at me wondering what kind of man comes and makes the lady pay.

He has lost marks amongst my friends and I talked to him about it and he just said that he is not dating them and so did not feel obliged to pay for them. Do you think what he did is wrong? Everyone in my crew is now calling my guy fake yet he works. We are still on campus and he is well off so they do not get why he did that. Is he a real man?



Lorna dear,

If he has a male reproductive organ, then yes, he is generally accepted by science as a real man. Check him properly.

Meanwhile tell you what? You just reminded me of this one time when I invited my girlfriend and two of her friends over at my house for lunch. We ate normally and pretended to care about each other’s conversations like normal people do but then guess what? Hmm.

After the meal, they all just sat there and no one got undressed for a foursome. Who does that? I invite them over and they can’t have sex with me? And get this, they were all working and could afford condoms. I was so embarrassed I tell you.

I tried to talk to my girlfriend about it and she threw saucepans at me calling me unbelievable. I hear they were not dating me and therefore didn’t feel obliged to have a foursome with me. Are they real girls?

Give me a hug, Lorna. Give me a hug.


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  • bamuhaira Lauben

    That was senseless but you guys can work it, you let your friends know it is going to be ok; But that is as long as he understands & accepts that he made a mistake

  • Nambozo

    ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa