4.11.11: Unleashing The Awesomeness

By • Oct 13th, 2011 • Category: Featured Post

The #41111 hashtag is your ticket to legendary awesomeness. If you’re wondering what’s going on with this 4.11.11 virus, we’ll unveil everything in due time.

Revelation #1:

We want you to tell us who your personal legend is and why. And when I talk about legend, I don’t mean the five ninjas of ULK. If I were referring to those, I would have said Personal Legend. Capital P and capital L.

I am talking about that awesome source of inspiration in your life. And I don’t mean that ka-MUBS chick you’ve been trying to nail for two years now. She’ll never accept. Let it go.

I mean that someone who you look up to and admire. But admiring those of Johnrambo Nasasira because of all that wealth amassed from oil and CHOGM will not count.

The catch:

Write the name of that person and why they are your personal legend in the comments section below and get as many people as possible to visit ULK and like your nominated person. Call your ex and that P.6 science teacher who spent more time whooping than teaching for that vote if you have to.

If your nominated person has the highest number of likes by Monday 31st October, that person and three other people of their choice get to have a free big, awesome dinner at the legendary Boda Boda on 4.11.11, courtesy of ULK, the biggest online magazine in Uganda.

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