NRM Sugar Makes Sweet Babies

By • Sep 29th, 2011 • Category: Politics

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If for some reason you are overseas and you spend your days getting autographs, you may not know that NRM sugar is the rage here in Kampala. NRM sugar is the rage here in Kampala. You have not taken tea till you taste NRM-sugar-flavored-tea.

NRM sugar traces its roots back to the pre-load-shedding era in Uganda; 1986 to be exact. It was generally used by slightly over 20 people back then…but things have changed. The rapid development of the small landlocked nation has seen sky-scrapper lookalikes shoot-up, a sprawling network of roads spread itself out across the country, the number of pregnancies bulge, several Lady Gaga fan clubs sprout and also increase in the use of…you guessed it…NRM sugar.

Because of how sweet it is, you cannot just put it into your tea…fwaaa.  You need to savor it. Many consumers have indicated that they prefer making small, neat lines with it…and then sniffing it. By press time, none of them was available to smile and demonstrate for our cameraman but we were able to get this picture of NRM sugar left behind by an unknown consumer who run off on hearing us approach.

 NRM Sugar

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