Winners & Losers, Champs & Chumps, Who’s the Ish and Who’s Just Ish

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Uganda promoted its first woman to the rank of Brigadier in the UPDF. Brigadier Sylvia Namutebi was crowned during a lavish and well attended ceremony at the Serena Hotel the other week, during which she was given a bouquet and a car.



Also continuing to win is Muammar Gaddaffi who still eludes capture and is still at large. It is presumed that he is moving around in disguse. I know where he is. Check Lady Gaga. If I wanted to hide, I would kill Lady Gaga and wear her costumes. No one would know it’s not her. Chick never looks the same two days in a row. Hell, Gadaffi could walk into the VMAs in his regular pyjamas and beard and eyeliner and say, “Hi. I’m Lady Gaga dressed as deposed tyrant Gadaffi.” and get away with it.

The many faces of Lady Gaga




Kampala Mayor Elyce “Ice Baby” Lukwago campaigned for and was voted into the position of running this town like Riri. However, Jennifer Mu$i$i showed up and complicated things. After a lot of whining, bellyaching, and a lot of latin phrases on NTV’s Point Blank, it finally became clear that El-El Kool Wago doesn’t run anything except  his mouth. Who da man? Jenny From The Block  yo. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got.


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