Watching Sean Kingstonned

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You may be from a remote part of Uganda where there is no internet;  you spend your days running away from lions and as such, you may not have caught your breath long enough to hear of how Kazoora took Sean Kingston’s wrist watch from him on stage. It all went down this past weekend. We got a chance to talk to Kazoora; see the monologue.


From the time I heard his voice come through my Daewoo radio way back in 2007 when I was still being talked about a lot by Ugandan newspapers, I immediately knew then…I knew right there and then that I had to have his…I had to have his watch. There he was in my radio, singing about ‘beauriful gaaarrrss, they only wanna do your dirt, they have me ssuiicidall, suuiicidalll’ (dreamy look, hand stroking the goatee on the doll on his lap)

Anyway, the song spoke to me on too many levels. I remember thinking how amazing it would be to hit that…(makes action with his hands)…you know, get with that…(more hand movement)…all of that wrist watch, all of it being used by just him.

When he later released the song ‘Fire Burning’, I clearly remember I was in the middle of banging a deal when I heard it. I immediately started praying “Dear God, do not let the fire burn the watch. Not the watch Lord”

Sean Kingston with his watch

Sean Kingston when he still had a watch

Then finally, when he eventually had a ménage with Nikki and did ‘Letting Go’, I was beside myself. I was doing lunchtime somersaults with my gangos when I first heard the song. Eh eh eh (stands up, puts hands on head, goateed doll on his lap falls to the ground), I was so happy. Many of you didn’t gerrit…but me I did. (Sits down, picks up goateed doll)…he was speaking to me. Telling me he is letting go of the wrist watch. Telling me it is ok for me to casually claim it on stage when he visits.

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  • Spencer Stanley

    dreamy look, hand stroking the goatee on the doll on his lap

  • Spencer Stanley

    sleek just killed it on this article…hilarious- ril tok bruv