Stop Hating On Me & My Man

By • Sep 22nd, 2011 • Category: Letters To The Editor

Legendary Editor,

My name is Budget. Though my friends prefer to call me Bridget but you’re not my friend tomanyiira tompalampa. I don’t know you. Me am from State House.

I have been hearing you people complaining about me and my boyfriend UMEME. That us we don’t know how to behave in front of people. That us we ask for money anyhowly and then we make people cry. First of all, you’ll never have my man. Even if you cry how.

I know he has slept with many people before but that’s in the past now. If he cheats on me now, the best he can do with you is a one-night stand. But he will still be mine. So go and die!

Secondly, me I behave badly how? Just because I ask for money for hair, shopping, partying, eating, getting a car, clubbing, plaiting, buying things, meals, a ride, hanging out, purchasing stuff, retouch, food…those are very many things by the way and they all need their own special attention.

You think teachers have problems? Try being there when you can’t go out at night. Or being there when you have not treated your hair. You can look bad! Ho! You think other people are starving because of no money? You try being there when you want to go to Nandos and you have to use a taxi. Those things can smell!

Me when I ask for money, don’t think it’s for those things of luxury. I have real problems, my friend.



Who knows anywhere where I can buy a nice phone that can work properly? Not a very expensive one; maybe one for like only twenty seven to thirty million there there. My iPhone has jam to go on Facebook mbu I hear my data is finished. Eera Chinese phones!



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