Monday Massacres: The Forest

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Movie Title:

The Forest


  • Forest Whitaker as himself
  • Kirunda Kiveijinja
  • Jackson Mabira


The fast-paced thriller is set in a dense forest in tropical Africa. The plot revolves around two warring tribes: the Sugucanes, descendants of the legendary sweet Sugu warriors  and the forestrees, also known as the forest people.

For a long time, the forestrees  have lived in harmony, shagging, reproducing, spitting seeds at each other, letting all kinds of cretin nestle in their branches, generally living the good life. For recreation, every Friday they’d let the tribe rastatree Mary Jane light one of her branches. The smoke from her burning branch would make all of them happy and they’d giggle into the night.

The neighboring tribe, the Sugucanes , have known misery and bloodshed all their lives. They are born and bred to be killed for the sweet juice they produce. Because of this, they are a very angry people. They feel that if their numbers were to grow larger, they’d be able to beat-up the niggz that kill them for their sweet juice. To get more numbers, they need more land. The tribe chief, Musegucane, suggested the raid on the forestrees to take some of their land.

“Those niggz have an entire bald section. We go take over it…jyeah!!!” chanted Musegucane


This sets the stage for mayhem and all kinds of gore. Coming soon to cinemas near you.

The Forest

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