She’s A Big Spender

By • Sep 8th, 2011 • Category: Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

My wife is selfish and doesn’t seem to care about the rising cost of living. I’ve tried to explain to her why we need to cut back on some of our expenses but she rarely listens or heeds to my advice. She spends on very lavish items even when we have huge bills to clear. She leaves on all the house lights at night claiming it’s for security purposes. When I try to talk to her about our expenditures, she only gets angry and walks away. What should I do?

Angry Thomas.


Angry Thomas dear,

You need to master the element of surprise. Time a strategic moment when she’s not looking, move in slowly behind her and then talk to her suddenly. That way you’ll catch her off guard and by the time she gets angry, she’ll have listened to some of your words.

You can also sneak some words into her ears while she’s asleep. I don’t know why but somehow a wife doesn’t react badly or even move an inch when you talk to her while she sleeps. She pays close attention and even closes her eyes so that she concentrates on nothing else but listening. You can think she’s sleeping.


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