Where’s Gaddafi?

By • Aug 23rd, 2011 • Category: Featured Post, Politics

We’ve searched Mabira forest, looked inside Akena’s hair and even checked Chameleone’s Bible and Quran but there’s no sign of Gaddafi anywhere.

We’ve used all the latest, most expensive and most international high-tech software including Solitaire but failed to locate him.

So where’s the Colonel?


Muammar and Jill...went up the hill...to fetch a pail of bullets...jyeah! What?!

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This just in from our Relationshipist and internationally unqualified DNA Expert:

Turns out Gad and Momo are actually related.

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  • Val

    He is hiding under the skirt of one of his female bodyguards. Strip them all and tell them to catwalk around city/constitutional/green/martyr’s square  and you will see him. Val

  • Pastor Robert Kay

    I’ll never tell 

    *runs away giggling*

  • Bob

    Have you checked Munyonyo, where he left his charcoal sigiri the last time he was here?