Lost Boy Finally Found Where He Was Last Seen

By • Aug 10th, 2011 • Category: In The News, Society

A 32-year-old boy who was this morning reported missing by his parents and workmates was finally found where he was last seen after a thorough search that involved his friends and relatives, the police, the UPDF and the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness.


The lost boy's boss cries after being told that his employee will not be able to make it to the meeting

The boy, who was found after an entire ten minutes after his disappearance, was reportedly seen entering the men’s toilets at work, which greatly worried his workmates. An emergency phone call was immediately placed to his parents, the police and then the government before he was seen coming out of the men’s toilets, much to everyone’s relief.

“Me I saw him entering the toilet, then I looked over at his desk and he wasn’t there. I knew immediately that something was wrong and I called his father,” his close friend and workmate told us. “I even called his desk phone but he wasn’t answering which was very disturbing because the only time he doesn’t answer his phone is when he’s either out for lunch or in the toilet. But am glad he’s back safe and sound.”

The boy came out of the toilet unharmed, save for a few scars on his rectum that were caused by heavy constipation. His parents threatened to drag constipation to court over the psychological damage suffered by the boy’s family, friends and relatives before they were corrected that constipation was actually a condition, not a person. By press time they were threatening to sue condition.


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