Movies in Seconds.

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Movie is Seconds is about pictures, mostly of Americans who have been bitten by spiders, or visited by alien robots or who have smoked a lot of marijuana in the cases of James Franco and Seth Rogen or who have sexual relations or who have been converted by use of computers such as this one into talking animals.














There is no scientifically conclusive proof that animals do not speak in English when there are no human beings, however, it is generally believed that it is unlikely. This is due to certian factors, such as the facts that they do not have vocal chords and tongues shaped like those of humans, which would make it difficult indeed for them to pronounce human sounds. And also because, have you ever seen an animal? They are all stupid. Never to learn how to talk. Too dense.
















Well, when we go to Mukono you might find some contradictions to this theory. In Mukono there are ghekhos that say “kumanyoko”.
























In short, it’s Friday. Have a good weekend people.




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