Agony Mechanic: My Car Won’t Start In The Morning

By • Aug 3rd, 2011 • Category: WTH

Dear Agony Mechanic,

Today I woke up and brushed my teeth as usual. Then I went to the car to start it. Of course I first dressed up before going to start the car. So I started my car and it did ‘kanyinyinyi'(you know that sound) but it did not start. What do you think could be the problem?


Stranded dear,

We need to take on this systematically, eliminating each possible cause as we go along. First off, this issue could be because of lack of fuel in your fuel tank. A fuel tank is kind of like a handbag for a car but instead of keeping pliers and restaurant cutlery, cars keep fuel there.  To check if lack of fuel is the problem, push the car up a hill so that the front of the car is pointing uphill. Then try to start the car.

If you are reading this part of the advice, then plan A failed. Another possible cause is that when your Nigerian neighbor came over last night and said “Some sugar O”, and you gave him one spoon since you were rationing, chances are he took offense and bewitched your car. It may not start till you go give him some sugar.

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  • Mch_free

    i dnt think bewitchin z true abt carz, fuel mite b t