The Sanyu FM Movie Premier At The New Cineplex

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‘Sup Urbanites. Guess where I was last night. No, before I went to bed. Guess I swear. Oh wait, I forget the title already gave it away. Sigh. There goes a perfectly crafted game.

So we were invited to the Bridesmaids movie premier which made me feel silly every time I texted a buddy telling them I won’t be available coz I’ll be doing Bridesmaids. Most replies were like “Dude!”


This is supposed to be the right audience for this kind of movie, right? Please be on my side.

My partner in crime and date for the night Maureen (of ULK) gave me a crying shoulder every five minutes and strengthened me with “I hear it’s like the girl version of Hangover so it should be good”.

We arrived a little after 8pm, me in my jeans and polo shirt, her in her ka-nice cocktail dress that actually fit in with the others. I believe we were the most mismatched couple, thanks to my love for the casual lifestyle…or was it my lack of social etiquette? I couldn’t even be gentleman enough to get her a drink without her having to ask for it. It’s people like Fatboy here who made cameramen look at me with those your-mama-should-have-taught-you-better eyes.

I look good, don't I? I know I do. Haters!

The new cinema’s setup makes the one at Garden City want to pack its bags and go back to the village. The lounge room alone is almost designed like an executive club that when I entered I started looking around for the counter, golden dance poles and chics high on Chardonnay. It’s VIP up in there, baby. It fooled me at first when I took the escalators to the floor above Nakumatt (yes, it’s at Oasis Mall). I really didn’t think there was anything sensible on that floor. Now I think everything off that floor isn’t sensible.

This is what I'm talking about right here

The Sanyu FM crew entertained us with their own version of the movie: Bridesmaids Kina-Uganda. One hunk (Mr Fatboy, the one Red Pepper thinks ain’t got game) and one dame (Emily, the one who loved the moment so much that she kept the dress on right until she left for home without her new husband) were to get married.

This is how we do it: Bestman Nash delivers Fatboy's wife

Val with the groom: What what what! Who's saying what now?

Seanice, Val, and Timothy share one last moment with the bride before she's whisked away to the toilet for the honeymoon. Yes, Fatty actually took her those ends just before I lost visual contact

I’m sure this finally squashed all rumours about Melanie and Fatty coz Mel was sorted, thank you very much.

You see us?

Been told the grooms men’s clothes were provided by Select Garments and the bridesmaids’ dresses were provided by Bridal Paradise. Oh, you want more bridesmaids?

That one in the middle is Crystal, my crush. Don't touch.

A number of top names represented. It just hurt that I lost Susan Nava’s pic. She was one of the hotly dressed. Judith Heard was there.

So was Zari. Maureen told me she’s considered local by many town girls. Girl beef? Don’t know, don’t care.

Charles of Sanyu FM with Zari of the local fame

 Here are the other moments

DJ BK, Susan (not of the Nava fame) and Big Ben

I swear this was a killer couple moment. Look at them.


Seanice, DJ Peter, Mel and Val

And finally, the couple that won grand prize

Emmanuel Gumisiriza (winner), Faridah of Kenya Airways and Emma's woman

But  I’ll have to go back this weekend for the movie, Horrible Bosses to dilute this whole girly movie thingy.


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