TOP TEN: Ey! You Are Too Diametrically Enhanced! (#politicalcorrectness)

By • Jul 22nd, 2011 • Category: Columns, Top 10, WTH

Some people have made it by being overweight.
Case in point

Straka. with her head on fire

But usually it doesn’t work. As Africans we are tolerant to size etc. for a man, looking like you swallowed a small anthill is perfectly allowed. You are a capo and all that. For the women, walking with your butt cheeks in different constituencies, wow, goddamn, look at that ass!!
But sometimes you can take it too far. If any of these applies to you; you might need to, well, take it easy on the food.

1- You went for a blood transfusion, instead of blood in the plastic bag hanging above your bed, they found lipids.
2- You are taller lying down.
3- You are eating right now.
4- People ask you to move because they want to see the billboard behind you.
5- When the lights go out, you can hear the mosquitoes shouting, BUFFET!!
6- You fart and the fart gives up on the way out.
7- You are still eating.
8- You set off car alarms when you run.
9- You give chickens heart attacks.
10- You have to iron your clothes on the floor.

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