Movies in Seconds. The Matrix

By • Jul 22nd, 2011 • Category: WTH



This is what we do when we don’t have relevant and topical humour to stimulate the intelligent readers of ULK with. When we have no insightful points to raise, we fuck with pictures of movies. It’s Friday, it’s Movies. And they are in seconds.

So I hear that X-Men is coming to the cinema, but that it’s in the new one which costs twenty K. Now, that would not be such a bad thing except for the fact that it is the NEW cinema. It’s going to be crawling with people all excited to see new cinema things such as chairs. And some of them will talk during the movie. And swankle popcorn. And expose socks that smell. And have sex in the back seats during. You know such characters.


Meanwhile, Transformers? Dark of The Moon? I had to bargain with a guy in Kisementi to get the movie. It was a camera copy, not a good one. You know how you see the shadows of heads getting up and moving during the film. This time I understood why they were all these people leaving in the middle of the film.



You know what the dumbest thing about the Matrix was? That it’s totally true and no one realises it! We are TRAPPED! And there is NOTHING WE CAN DO! Muahahahaha!

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