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Yes. That is a jeer. We are ranting and words just won’t do. Ok. Scratch that. I am ranting. But no, scratch that again. Erique spent Friday afternoon roaming the streets of Kololo. I allow that the frown is characteristic. But the fist aimed at the sky is not. Even the askaris on the affluent streets let him be. He looked that dejected.


This is what happens when you try to take a photo of Erique frowning

So yes, we are ranting. For our country. For the pearl that has become the proverbial gold ring-in-swine’s–nose.  These are hard times, people. If you thought living in a cell phone-less era was hard work, try living in the era where you cannot afford airtime for the damn phone. And no, I cannot do without it. What am I supposed to do? Mail my comment to Facebook?

So in lieu of the harsh winds that are blowing across our country, I am venting my frustrations on those I believe are to blame. No, I cannot point to myself. I am a well-bred Ugandan who will always find cause for my unhappiness in other people’s decisions. I take after my leaders please. i.e. “Where were you when I and others were fighting in the bush for the ‘peace and tranquillity’ that now prevails?” Therefore:

The parents:

Charity begins at home. So does quarrelling. Where were you when other parents were setting up home in serious countries, huh? Dubai, Switzerland…and you chose Uganda. Even Tanzania would have made more sense. They have real beaches (we have shores!) Okay. You loved the weather. Couldn’t you have found your way to cabinet? Then I’d at least attend book launches while other people’s parents paid taxes for our 4wheel drives. Uganda. Eish.


I get that you have a sense of humour. You created Miley out of a rock star dad. Lolest. But this joke has been unfunny for a while now. Do you not get that it’s time for Jesus to come back? And save our cowardly selves? We have beds so no manger business. And UPE.


I cannot even spell you properly. You’ve lost the plot so bad, you earned yourselves a new word. It translates to:


1. Piece of crap form of governance way, way beneath the lowest level of incompetence

2. Really stinky piece of crap form of governance way, way beneath the lowest level of incompetence

I mean…when the youth of the country turn to singing as occupation and WBS airs their videos minus any shame, then you know. It is time to find your shame. Tuswaaleko.


This is a random Ugandan youth


And this is WBS TV


How a foreign currency can wreck this much havoc is beyond my frustrated mind. The country didn’t even colonise us. We are not related in any way. They sent back the first man that tried his hand at figuring this out. I believe Seya’s forgeries were patriotic efforts gone wrong. We need to find the visible connection with our shs and then break it. We refuse to affiliate with anything that further takes down our country’s value. We’re not left with much.


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