Meeting The Man

By • Jul 13th, 2011 • Category: WTH

One of the interesting things that happen in life when you are a well-known public figure is that when you sit down to have coffee in a place like Cafe Pap and your fans recognise you, they always walk up to you and disturb you trying to take pictures.


A fan has his picture taken with a Legend

This is what happened last week. There the man was, sitting quietly having his single latte with a banana muffin, as the Kampala sun set down Jinja Road, when his thoughts were interrupted by a plaintive and obsequius voice going, “Um.. escyoose me… umm.”

Well, it comes with the territory. When you are a member of a powerful organisation such as his, you occupy a pivotal position in the society and you have an obligation to that society. You represent a lot of people by virtue of your job and you should be ready at the drop of a hat to accomodate these people when and how they demand it. When the people come to you to ask for pictures, you should stand up and have your picture taken with them.

After all, as a writer for Urban Legend, I know that I have a responsibility to my readers, no matter who they are. So when The Man asked for a photo, I put my latte down, cleaned the cream from my mustache and smiled for the camera.


Of course we discussed many issues, since we are serious, intellectual men, and though we did not have the time to go into them at great length, I can assure you that with the Man in parliament, you can rest assured that something is being done to deal with inflation, the dollar rate, the effects of drought, and lightning. I did not get his answer when I asked him about that last one, but I did get the feeling that I can be confident. Shit is being taken care of. Now that two of the most influential institutions in the country, Parliament and Urban Legend have met and put our heads together, you can be confident too.

Don’t panic.


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