He Lied, Cheated Then Broke Up With Me

By • Jul 7th, 2011 • Category: Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

I don’t normally hangout with friends mostly because I’m the more indoors type of girl but recently I went to a bar to hang with workmates and spotted my man kissing another girl. First, I was so angry that he had lied to me about his whereabouts. He told me he was at his friend’s house watching a football match. Now here he was putting his tongue in some dirty whore’s mouth. I walked up to him and confronted him but his reaction shocked me more. He told me he had wanted to break up with me a long time ago but I was just being blind and that he wanted to stay with the girl he was with. It was so infuriating that he had turned all this around to being my fault. Sincerely what do you do with such a man?


Mimi dear,

Me? Me I would do nothing really except maybe stare as they kissed. And maybe drool. But if I were to put myself in your sapatus, I’d refuse to catch my spouse cheating. Catching a man cheating is never a decent thing. Shame on you and the mother who taught you such things. Leave them alone, go back home, get your phone, call him and tell him “Honey, I did not just see you putting your tongue in some dirty whore’s mouth because you are at your friend’s house watching the match. I love you. Bye.”


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  • Engvivk

    ya, that works just perfect, in fact send him more matches to watch while he is in this particular friends mouth or house; whatever, i fail to decipher which is what!