The Evil They Call Bosses And Working

By • Jul 4th, 2011 • Category: Society, Suburbans

Kuzi Conrad

I hate work and there is nothing more like the sound of WORK that gets my brain cells quivering with laziness. I tend to lag when I see something associated with work.

Monday. If you hate work, Monday is a nightmare for you, let alone Sunday evening. As the sun sets, so does your energy and zeal. You can only wish it was Friday!

Here are ten reasons why I hate work:

1. The bossy boss. Bosses who take their titles a tad too far always amuse me and frustrate me. They walk in late, because they own the company. Sit around and internet themselves, then go ahead a instruct you to do their portion of work and then ensure to leave early because, they are bosses.

2. Workmates who want to know what goes on in your private life. Honestly, it’s a private life. Get your own.

3. Bosses who are threatened by your presence they always have to remind you where they came from and the power they have. Short story, you are still threatened by my potential.

4. Workmates who spend the day eating. Breakfast, break tea, branch, lunch, after-lunch…You eat too much, it gets annoying.

5. Bosses who never make up their minds. It’s frustrating being told to do something over and over again because you have not yet gotten it right, and when you ask the boss what it is, they walk away with the boss swag. Curse you man, curse you.

6. Workmates who always have excuses as to why they have problems. I thought you work such that you can solve the problems. Our salaries are not going to change because the whole workplace knows you gat issues. I hate them.

7. Bosses who don’t have work ethic. Chatting on pakalast during work hours, really boss, really. And that ringtone…eish.

8. Workmates who call after hours when we left the work place already. I need my afterhours.

9. Bosses with more than two phones and five different lines. Shit on you.

10. My favourite, bosses who tell you to get off Facebook because they see that you are online from their profiles. You what are you doing online also?


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