Excuse me Mr. Minister

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We’ve often been asked why we don’t cover political stuff. Why all our stuff seems to steer clear of politicians… Well we haven’t, but this post needed some sort of intro. This is it. A journalist and an ex-mayor get together…

Erstwhile Journalist (EJ): Honorable Seyya sir, allow me to first of all say I’m sorry you were thrown out of what you had been led to believe was your house.

Look at my teeth. I use Colgate called Close Up

Sseya: No.


EJ: I beg your pardon…

Sseya: I will not allow me to say anything until he addresses me properly. My official title is Your Honour

EJ: Sir, I think…

Sseya: Your HONOUR!

EJ: *sigh* Your honour, I think that is a title we reserve for judges in the courtroom

Sseya: But I have been in the courtroom. Where do you think I got my clothes? Nnina amakooti!

EJ: Moving swiftly along *your honour*, we read in the pepper that you had a Viagra Bomb…

Sseya: Haha, those people and their ways. You must have missed the ka-flamboyant full-stop, bakayitta oba comma. I had Viagra…AND a bomb.

This stuff is the bomb

EJ: That’s… alarming…how did you come in possession of…


Sseya: Of these items?

EJ: No, of this sudden grasp of punctuation and words like ‘flamboyant’…

Sseya: I will not rotate your circus

EJ: I beg your pardon?

Sseya: Sijja ku-tolerating sarcasm yyo

EJ: My apologies Your horny. Now, about that Viagra and the bombs in question…

Object of Desire



Sseya: Who has asked them questions? What have they said? The truth is, I had those for the erection time.

EJ: I’m sorry?

Sseya: Don’t be. You see, when the other people were standing, I thought, “evenyi me I want to stand”

EJ: I don’t think I’ve heard anything so disturbing… so, how about the bomb?

Sseya: Well, what’s the point of standing if you’re not planning to explode?


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