The Woes Of Guiltbert Bukenya

By • Jun 22nd, 2011 • Category: Politics

You may have heard the wicked whispers going round about our former vice president, Professor Gilbert Bukenya. That he was replaced because he is so passionate about rice farming, he’d started trying to pay for everything with rice seeds. Mbu at a fuel station in Kololo, rumor has it he asked his driver to withdraw 2 sacks of rice from the car boot to give to the pump attendant for the 5 liters of fuel the car had just galloped.

Another rumor has it that he was using his super professor skills to build an army of semi-intelligent monkeys that would eventually be armed with boda bodas and they’d be strategically placed in different parts of the city so that at a time only the good professor knows, a signal would be sent out and all of them would immediately scream “Kumbaya”. The resulting mayhem would leave the city disorgaised long enough for the Professor and his close allies to march into state house and take over. Then, using his blackberry handset, he’d place a call to one of the main radio stations and say in a rather authoritative, white-bearded Professor-ish tone “Dear beloved comrades, there has been a change of government. Please be calm. Irene Namubiru is now your first lady.”

But this piece is not about rumors. ULK is all about facts. Accuracy. Truth. Liberty. So Gilo (no relation to that sleazy guy in The Hostel) is in the news again. Much as he was booted from office, he is still innadinews. He is being charged by the IGG. The IGG says he stole money. The same IGG said earlier this week that Amama Mbabazi, him he has no case to answer. His finger is clean.


Amama Mbabazi

Not Guilty



Amama and Bukenya

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