Why Guv’nor Mutebile Needs To Watch The Rise And Fall Of Idi Amin

By • Jun 21st, 2011 • Category: Politics, Suburbans

Edgar Omwango

I have been alive for a fairly decent length of time.

Although a huge percentage of this time has been equally split between engaging in blissful slumber and listening to lugaflow, a small part of the remaining percentage has been engaged in a certifiably productive thought process.

As a result, I have gathered enough insight as to be fairly knowledgeable on the social, economic and political dynamics of Ugandan society.

And from this insight, I have unfortunately come to a very disturbing conclusion in relation to a recent development, that Guv’nor Mutebile is well and truly screwed.

Dude is so incredibly screwed, we will need a power drill to extricate him from the fix he is in. Dude is so seriously screwed, all he needs to do is get behind the wheel of a vehicle and he’s a screwdriver. Dude is so absolutely screwed…well, you get the picture.

How do I know this? Well, like I told you, I am quite a knowledgeable fellow when it comes to the workings of Ugandan society. Now, some of this knowledge has indeed been gleaned from workshops, presentations and other equally intellectual pursuits, but to tell you the truth, most of what I know is actually thanks to watching the movie The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin.

In the movie, there is a scene where the character who plays Idi Amin walks into BoU, a posse of Malyamungu-led goons in tow, and asks the character who plays the then governor why he had refused to print more money as hitherto directed. The governor’s reply is that such a move would further weaken a currency that is already as worthless as toilet paper.

Now, there are answers you just don’t give a broke guy with a posse of armed goons beside him, especially when the broke guy is your appointing authority and a military president to boot. For the poor BoU governor, that was by far the most misguided answer he could have given in the circumstances, as the next thing he heard was Amin instructing Malyamungu to show him what they do to people they didn’t like.

This scene has been playing on my mind since last week when Guv’nor Mutebile in effect told his appointing authority, a military president at that, to lay off the national coffers.

Naturally, the appointing authority doesn’t like Mutebile very much right now. So I’m wondering; does Mutebile have any idea what this appointing authority does to people he doesn’t like?


Dude, where are you? Man first come. Things are tight!


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