Monday Massacres: From The ULK Studio

By • Jun 20th, 2011 • Category: Monday Massacres

This week we bring you something from Urban Legend Entertainment, the leading Ugandan Film studio that brings you all the hot movies. We are the people behind many box office toppers like “Will Chair: The Tale of the strong wheel and will power of Bebe Cool’s wheel chair”.

We now preview a movie that features our former Mayor, Nasser Ssebbagala . He passed the auditions and got a role that has no lines. The one where the actor/actress shows up a number of times but doesn’t say a thing. The movie is a low-budget thriller set in Mukono, so drop the coffee and let’s pump that adrenaline. Baby.



(Credits rolling)

“(irritated voice) And this is the last time I’m saying this. Stop call calling me! “(Slams down the phone. Then picks it up again and presses the red button to kill the call)

(Talking to self) Why does he keep stalking me? Can’t he get the point? What is wrong with….

(Hears scratchy sound in the basement. Sound steadily starts to draw nearer)

(turns around very fast) “Oh it’s you Fluffy. You almost gave me a scare”

(Another scratchy sound in the basement. Sound steadily starts to draw nearer)

(Turns around very fast, sees a hideous thing you’ll have to buy the movie to see. She screams. )


(The neighbors hear the scream and as is the custom in Mukono, they come running and knock at the door. No answer. The bravest one of them pokes the  door open and tiptoes in. He sees an abandoned cake on the table. He eats it. He continues to tiptoe. He gets to the room and sees the mess…….)





(Nail-biting suspense)

(He turns and sees the hideous thing coming towards him.)


(He dashes for the window. It goes after him. He pulls those wire mesh things that be in windows in Mukono houses out of the way. The thing keeps coming. He jumps out the window. The thing follows. He gets into a nearby car and finds the car key in there. He turns the key and the car purrs but doesn’t start. The thing is coming. The car finally comes to life. He drives off very fast. The thing gets into a car and a car chase is on. In Mukono. )

(They whizz through the streets, knocking all kinds of things out of the way. The he being chased makes a sharp turn into a deserted street. We see a Rolex stall at the end of the street, manned by none other than our man Nasser. Since his acting role has no words, he is making gestures, beckoning people to sample his Rolexes. The speeding cars head towards the stall at full speed…..and then…)

So ends the preview. Coming soon in HD to Eddiesoft enter-tainment.

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