Coming Up (Heh) In The Hostel

By • Jun 10th, 2011 • Category: Reviews, TV Shows

This is why we call The Hostel a groundbreaking television show. Because things happen in it that you would never have seen happening on Ugandan TV before. One of the grounds that was broken was the steamy love scene last night when Hot Sister Hope took matters into her own hands (and mouth) by leaning over to the surprised Brother John to kiss him on the lips.

Now, Brother John is a slow guy. In fact, I was watching the show in a dirty house which is infested with slugs and snails.  One of the snails, the one which had asthma, and which was lazy, and which was carrying heavy bags, uphill, looked at Brother John on the screen and said, “Naye, I’m slow, but that guy is slow!”


What Brother John is not.




He needed to have his mouth attacked by Hope before he finally understood that they are supposed to be a romantic on-screen couple.


The camera cut to credits before we could see what happened next. I assume that the coy little kiss awoke raging passions that had been burning within them and they lost all control to the power of LOVE, ripped each others clothes right off, Hope finding superhumanly that she could actually tear leather jackets into several pieces, and then loud, sweaty, riotous,  reggeaton sex ensued between the two and it was so potent that it left not one, but both of them pregnant.


Tune in at seven thirty tonight to find out what happened.


Me I’ll be back on Monday to update this little recap.


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