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There was another House Of DJs event last week. It was impressive and featured a hype man that I’m almost certain was from outside countries. I swear! I was there hearing him saying things like “Bank Holiday” the way people from other countries say it.


Now you see me, you I don't.

Also, we started hating on a brother the way we hate on summers. He had it coming, NO ONE wears shades on the other side of 7pm and is allowed to just be.

Of course the first thing you want to know is what people were wearing. Well, the organisers christened this thing the Zebra party so it makes sense that people would be in Black and White… how they went about it was entirely up to them… like the ushers wearing short black shorts and white tops and black sneakers.

Finally, women who are okay with wearing the same outfits…and others that just refused

"She's wearing my colors..."

Then we had the camera chaps. As I was approaching the entrance I could see them, but thought, surely I can survive this stuff, but Nooooo! Nga don’t the chaps train their lens on me? I’ve intentionally avoided watching telly because of these guys.

But that’s all good, it was cooler when the ladies came in. Its like the guys were planning to take the footage home and turn it into the matrix. NO LIE! The amount of attention to detail was commendable.

"mwana guy, lya blow"

In fact, if you guys are done, I’d like to view the footage. All of it. From when Shaniqua walked in and you caught the view from her face, to the soles of her feet, to her ankles, to the back of her knee to… you know, you were filming  it.

You want to know whether the music was nice? Yes. This was better organized than the last House Of Djs shindig at zone 7 and I won’t even bitch about how members of the third estate are no longer pampered. (I know, I know… we are not entitled to jack, but I thought we are a pro-corruption country, no? Well, I didn’t even get strawberry yoghurt)

The lighting was cool and in typical Ugandan style, people decided to arrive fashionably late. Some pulled it off, some, not so much…swing and miss I guess.

I honestly can’t tell whether all the deejays performed (it’s called performing, innit?)… I know Beekay was there, and I know the hype dude was there too, after Bank Robber’s absence last time… you know what, I probably shouldn’t have taken that ‘shot’..

Shuffle free zone

As is the case with these things, there were celebrities among us; Crystal, Val, Seanice…I sort of feel like I’m doing a Sanyu FM line up here, so…Hot 100’s Bryan McKenzie was along for the ride as was Salvador…the comedian {dear lord, please let me be right. I can’t mess up another name}

“excuse me, am I on camera…”

NTV’s Login Presenter took the opportunity to bounce me so she could interview aforementioned people of note. No beef really, it’s like we shared a moment there, she looking at me, me looking at her, noticing her mic and then bouncing. It’s sorta like telepathy, but without the annoying headache that comes afterwards…or the nosebleed.

There’s really no point talking about drinks at this point because;

1-    I missed happy hour

2-    It’s boda boda, you account will HAVE TO bleed

3-    (see somewhere in paragraph 8)

So let’s talk about the bestiality Zebras…

There really wouldn’t be any sense in calling your party the Zebra Party not feature Zebras, right. So there we were, minding our business and suddenly all the attention was drawn to the doorway when these ladies wearing paint came strutting in.

... there was no "going on all fours" with this lot

There’s something about a lady wearing just knickers and a bra that makes paint jobs so attractive… then the moment ended when the lads came in (if this had been written by a lady I guess that would have looked a little different)

Was it worth the entrance fee? I begrudgingly find myself agreeing, I didn’t have a chance to check out the VIP section, but as far as ordinary goes, this event was all sorts of extraordinary.

Finally, a group that knows what they came to do

House of DJs certainly brought down the house.


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