Govt To Increase Access To Facebook To Combat Problem Of Soaring Prices

By • Jun 7th, 2011 • Category: In The News

The new cabinet has started its term in office in high gear by initiating a drive to increase national access to major social networks including Facebook and Twitter as a way of helping Ugandans cope with the increasingly unbearable economy.

The development was highlighted by the new finance minister as a budgetary supplement in the next financial year. The finance minister who, by press time, could not readily identify himself from the fray of loads of other newly appointed ministers revealed that over half of the budget had been allocated to this initiative.


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“Am not yet sure what post I hold but since you’re asking me about money things, that means am the finance minister,” he said. “Okay, as the young leaders of tomorrow we decided that you know what? These people should be posting their problems on our Facebook walls and then we shall solve them. And even on Twitter.”

“If fuel is high, for example, you just write on my wall that ‘fuel z hi lol’ and then we shall talk to the necessary people involved to see if they can do something about it. If they can’t, you just keep writing.” He disclosed that the money allocated to this project would cater for cars and salary increments for the ministers.

“We need the cars to drive to our Facebook pages and also the salary increase to facilitate the acquisition of regular and interesting status updates.” He added that those who were too poor to access computers and the internet should use iPhones and other Android phones to log on.

The minister later recognized himself as the new Minister for Rural Urban Planning and Migration and Agricultural International City Affairs.


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