City Man’s Hope For A Better Uganda Baffles Nation

By • Jun 7th, 2011 • Category: In The News

A city dweller only identified as Herman perplexed the national and international community after he revealed that he believed Uganda would become a better nation some day with uncorrupt and focused leaders and appropriately allocated resources.

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Top scientist Prof. Xavier Stanley attributed the man’s beliefs to an unusual brain disorder previously thought to be extinct. “It’s a very unconventional disease medically termed Obusiru. It severely cripples the nervous system and impedes the smooth flow of blood to the brain. The affected person tends to develop hope that politics in Uganda will change.”

Dr. Magezi House, Head of Oncology at IHK however believes that the man’s illness stems from a strange tumor located in the thyroid gland. “The thyroid gland is that part of the brain that controls thoughts on corruption in Uganda. A tumor kills the political platelets and if it isn’t treated early enough, the victim could eventually die or even worse, become a minister in NRM. Then it will be too late to treat.”

The man’s ideas also attracted the attention of various leaders in society including religious leader Fr. Omoding Olupot who viewed Herman’s beliefs as evidence of the existence of the antichrist. “God forgive us for living in the same age of civilization with this man. These are the most evil thoughts I have heard in years,” he said.

What a schmuck: Father Omoding reacts

“A person who believes that Uganda will ever get rid of corruption is capable of committing rape, murder, theft, blasphemy, adultery and watching one of those Spanish soaps in one day. He should be sentenced to death.” Father Omoding called upon the public to desist from such sinful behaviour and asked the police to intervene by arresting anyone caught thinking like that.


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