Monday Massacres: We Guined Them Down

By • Jun 6th, 2011 • Category: Monday Massacres

Not only was the weekend long, it was also quite eventful. You see:

The Cow Got A Wife

There was an awesome play showing at the National Theatre on Friday. The play had won 3rd place in a BBC play-writing competition judged by Wole Soyinka. I’d listened to the play more than once, and interviewed the writer here: Click Click. The stage performance was quite nice. Extra characters were added, others given more lines, more jokes thrown in there and we, the audience, lolled through clenched fists. Clenched fists because something about being Ugandan dictates that you do not burst out laughing during a play. Also, the UG handbook clearly states that if faced with a very funny joke that threatens to leave you rolling on the floor, you are allowed to say , “Hehe, that is very funny. You are making me funny”


Saturday brought on one of those life-changing questions. We face these once in a while. Should I wear shorts or normal trousers to work? Does my boss think I’m fat and only good for handing over my extra pen in meetings when his/her ink runs out? If I eat 3 rolexes at our date, will he call me back? If a chipmunk tasted éclairs, would it like them? Go for exciting Uganda cranes match or for awesome street art festival? I opted for the street art seeing as Obed would tell me about the soccer match. He told me the cranes took it to the genie. They refused to rub him the proverbial three times; they teased him, rubbed him twice and left him there.



Can sing Maria Carey songs. Can grant wishes. Cannot kick ball. Has no legs

The Laba! Street Art Festival was awesome. It was all things artsy. Street dance. Jewelry. Some guys doing some elaborate martial artsy/dancy kinda thing. Break-dancers. Wall Paintings. Face paintings. Graffiti. Oil on canvas. Ink on paper. Chalk on tarmac. Street Hip Hap.


Hip Hap

"Still Dre" track playing. Fur Shizzo


The only thing missing were artistic ninjas.


Cool Ninjas

Laba! We need these at the next street art festival



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