Keko: Beast From The East

By • May 20th, 2011 • Category: Suburbans

He was born in reverse. He existed, then gave birth to his parents and grand parents. He spells in numbers and counts in letters. He sweats blood and bleeds sweat. From the reverse cycle of the English alphabet, we bring you this week’s tenth and final suburban legend…

Peter Twonjex


A 6-foot lyrical giant has come to join the music industry. None of the women rappers we have had before her has made this kind of impact. It’s Keko! But no one can stop her.

She just seems to mesmerize everyone that listens to her and she always leaves her audience floored. She has a tomboy look that is still chic and ladylike.

Some say her creativitity can be attributed to her hanging around Just Jose, but I think it is more. It is like saying Nicki Minaj got her swag from Lil Wayne or some other guy. No! It is inbuilt and cannot be separated from the babe.

I still think she sounds and acts like Nicki Minaj. She has had a lot of collabos. A lot of people think that is all she is about, doing collabos. But did Navio stick to making tracks with Bobi Wine to make it big, or did the Kamwokya wannabe make it big on his own after hanging with R. Kelly? No, he made a name for himself sticking to the ‘raw’ passion of hip hop.

So who says Keko can’t make it in the business? You need to be given a second chance and see that this talented ‘giant from the east’ will make strides, if she sticks to her ways. In my opinion, she should not try to be like a boy, or even dress up skimpy like a girl. Instead she should let it out and be the beast she is, because that will make her grow. But who says musicians listen to advice?


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