The Swearing-In Ceremony That Was

By • May 13th, 2011 • Category: Events, Politics

Sleek here:

And I swear,

by the moon and the stars in the sky,

I’ll be there…(I’ll be  there),

I swear,

Like a shadow that’s by your side,

I’ll be there...”

The (new) president belted this out over and over again yesterday, bringing back fond memories of Boys II men, All-4-one and all those groups girls were gaga about some years ago. A real man back then was one who could sing, with a rose between his teeth,  every word of the latest Michael Bolton song. And talking about singing, Angella Katatumba sang the national anthem. Way to go! Uganda and the US are growing amazingly close…at the next Uganda Super Bowl Final, maybe Angie will do a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction thingi for us.

Streetsider incoming:

Man Sleek, you were those ends of Kololo, for me I was following the storo via Besigye Central. Things were tight, those ends Sevo was being sworn; people were in dancing and witnessing the singing prowess of Angela Katatumba ( I love that lady, and should she see fit to do a Janet Jackson I shall love her more), here people were being stoned, caned, and sprayed with colored waters. Besigye is back in the country and so I presume the saga shall continue.  I even read that Besigye called himself “Uganda’s exact true leader”, on the day of the presidential swearing in! Wooooo! i don’t know if the president reads some of these malicious dailies that do all sorts of  irresponsible reporting but I can imagine.


Nuh Uhhhhh! No he didn't!

You are in trouble Mr Besigye,  Mzee is going to give you the rapping of your life.

Erique in the building:

When the Raggamuffin was swearing in:

I sweya:

He stuttered at “ob…observe law…” He thought it was a typo and fired whoever included ‘law’ in his speech.


The crowd was mostly comprised of old people. Those who only vote for one issue: The man saved us from those of Amin.

Lady in red:

The first lady was clad in red. She had a bitter fight with the husband but they made up passionately after. And while they were at it, she was thinking of Otunnu the whole time.

Invitation list:

Tired, hungry and pissed off presidents only. It’s as if a cook had run up to Museveni and whispered: “Sir, their lunch is not yet ready. We are out of tomatoes and they are expensive in the market.”


The gunmen who marched in honour looked like they were threatened with a salary reduction if they didn’t march.


The lazy and cowardly middleclass who share Besigye’s sentiments towards the Museveni government were so angry that they furiously entered their usernames and passwords and status-updated their anger while threatening to continue their Walk To PC campaign if the government didn’t stop the violence they were reading about on other people’s walls.

Angela Katatumba:

She shouted the national anthem. Next time, Mister President, allow us to sing it for ourselves.

Rachel K:

We love you, Rachel!

Olara Otunnu:

Have you noticed how this guy has his trademark smile on every time something smile-impairing happens? How does he do that?


He came, he saw, he conq…nq…qqqqq…

He lost the signal around Zana-Najjanankumbi there.

Teargas, bullets, punches, canes, noses upgraded, shouting, jaws realigned, running, stones, sapatus…

When I asked Ernest for any comment:

“Just %^%&#%#$!!! both of them.”


  • Museveni was given another retake
  • Fuel prices have not been reduced
  • Police violence is only escalating
  • Kivejinja’s arrogance has no known antidote

It looks like the more Ugandans strike, the worse the situations in question get

I say:

That whoever is striking does it in reverse. Demand for a rise in fuel prices, more police brutality, more terms for the president or just start walking backwards.

Sevo’s ego will make him say “Shya! How? They think they can tell me what to do? Reduce fuel!”

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