Monday Massacres: Lights, Camera, Satisfaction

By • May 9th, 2011 • Category: Monday Massacres

The Mith had a release party last Friday. We told you who The Mith is here. There are different kinds of release parties. There’s the kind where, celebrating release from jail, a former inmate goes on a happiness binge, drinking, yodeling, running along village paths screaming “I am freeee!”, hanging out at Virgin Island and chatting up girls with such witty lines as “Have you heard this new Bryan Adams song called ‘Please forgive me’?”

Then there’s the kind of release party that the Mith had. A music release party. This is the kind where the finest MCs around town meet in Mrezzpo, a secret meeting place for all fine MCs. They then talk about the dire state of the environment, the MC Go-Green campaign, politics, pizza drive-bys, MC soccer, friendly freestyle battles (in which all swear words are replaced with the word ‘lollipop’) and the venue of their next scrabble game.  Small talk done, they proceed to GC and spew lyrical magic on everyone present. That is to say all the pretty girls in Kampala. Because all the pretty girls were there on Friday. Because pretty girls love hip hop. They no longer listen to Lingala. Research shows.

So, the Mith had the entire hip-hap fraternity there. Keko, Enygma, JB, Navio, Don MC, Sleek, T-Assets, Unique…and even not-so-hip-hap fraternity; Lillian and Bobi Wine. Even the DJ fraternity; DJ Aludah and DJ Global. Yes, the house was full.  And the performances just as charged.

As it turns out, gone are the days when a hip-hop fan could be identified by jeans big enough for a Chinese family to live in, an enormous T-shirt, a dog chain, grills and some heavy shoes to stomp the yard with. There were some people who didn’t know about this transition but they were few. You first look; the new Hip hap.


The Mith Launch Party

Flow so thick, Ima need an oar

If MCs were ninjas, this would be that chic that has laser vision and can skip buildings in one leap.



This is how it is done

The fitting-suit Mith dropped his poetry backed by a live band. And Fire brought the house down. Let’s do that sentence again with some punctuation. And ‘Fire’ brought the house down. ‘Fire’ is one of The Mith’s jams. All the MCs ‘brought it’ but Keko and JB really did some awesome stuff.

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