Flower Print back in Vogue

By • Apr 29th, 2011 • Category: Features, Society

Flower print is the new face of macho these days. This breakthrough on the fashion and couture scene occurred yesterday during a spontaneous but nonetheless humble riot somewhere in Mulago.

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it... Vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue.

“We now know what to wear, phew!” exclaimed one young city thug, whose morning always ended in a tortured conflict over this…

Off the chain tailoring for the discerning consumer

and this…


The G Unit back-to-school

… and this.

The Darth Vader ready to wear

“Flower print is the shizznit mehn!” Shouted another. I saw a guy in a flower print shirt yesterday attack a car!! A car! Jesus wept! Do you know the percentage of sulphuric acid you need in your testicles before you can find the balls to attack a car?

Dr Silina Rrinya of Because I Want to Stay Alive Fashion Emporium says this is fashion revolution is not surprising. “
This look was around before, you have to understand that these things come in waves,” she explained. “In the seventies, flower print shirts and gun butts were the rage. Anything to do guns come to think of it. Gun butts, gun belts. Now we can see the resurgence of this trend. I am really excited to see where this is going. “
Other soon to be fashionable  designs that were showcased by all the models crawling, falling and somersaulting (definitely not walking) at the event were gun metal blue fatigue treatments, the white glove of dramatic defiance…

Who's Bad!!

and strangely enough…. plain clothes. …
The flower print, pink was unleashed by a new and as yet not very known designer who models all his own clothes. We wish him all the best; this is the perfect time for a new blood to break into the industry.


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