Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

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…well not necessarily ‘last night’, but there was a night a DJ saved my life, and this is the story. Okay, maybe not just one DJ, and maybe not my ‘life’ as such, but this IS the story.

In the beginning

There’s something about receiving a message telling you that “a party ain’t a party unless you’ve got three DJs under the same roof” that’s vaguely unsettling; almost as unsettling as going through that previous sentence without a hint of punctuation along the way.

Subliminal Messaging

So Zone 7 sent out a series of messages telling their faithful followers that they had managed to trap 3 DJs (BK, Aludah and Bank Robber) for a limited time only and that to see the them display their, er, stuff, we’d have to part with 20k. Of course the initial reaction was one of apprehension, why pay 20 Grand for this yet there were all these other color themed parties littering the city (All Black, All White) each boasting some music act or another (Keko, Keko and in some places…Keko)? Well the underlying logic was simple; Zone 7 was not asking you to change your wardrobe and they were giving you 3 DJs for the price of one.

Blue Flamingo jumped into the mix and also repeated the party ain’t a party mantra and by Thursday (pre-Good Friday) I found myself preaching the gospel according to FLAMINGOS House Of DJs.

My arrival was greeted by a bouncer guy (DJ BankRobber, is that you?) trying to sell me a ticket because he’d over short the mark and gotten one too many. I worried that the rest of the night would be spent that way, more people outside trying to convince people to get in than the guys partying on the inside.

The turn up initially, was less than stellar, possibly because;

  1. Ugandans like to arrive fashionably late
  2. Everyone knows events NEVER start on time
  3. People were still looking for the entrance fee
  4. There were other parties across town
  5. All the above

The initial mood of the crowd was, for lack of a better word, so-so and it was a while before the event kicked off in full swing.

We were promised 3 Top DJs and as I recall we got two out of three. Perhaps I was inebriated when the third arrived (I doubt it, he probably didn’t show up… dude’s called DJ Bank Robber, of course he has things to do)

Ugandans are voyeurs!

There must have been something wrong with the crowd at the start of the mix session seeing as they opted to just sit there and watch. Perhaps that was an oversight by the organisers. I appreciate having chairs for when my dogs are barking, but come on, you didn’t invite us to watch a flick, we are supposed to be on our feet for most of the time, jamming and having a blast.

Nonetheless, the mood began to pick up as did the turn up and people started to have fun sampling the offerings of Aludah and BK. The consensus was that Aludah was the better of the two, but with what BK has been through lately, its understandable that some of his fire may have been a little low (our condolences dude).

Things fall apart

Not to be left out of the action, the clouds started bumping along and before we knew it, they unleashed their sweat upon the masses forcing us to retreat to the bar area for shelter. This was the first wave by the way, not the violent sequel that brought walls down later on.

It didn’t dumpen the spirits of the (and I hate this word) revellers who were likely still charged by the music or the alcohol flowing in their veins. In fact, with the mood we were in, we had actually forgotten that we had been promised some performances.

We were doing just fine.

Everything is kawa, kawa, kawa

Then we saw the lads from Klear Kut sans boxing gloves or Karate belts (now it’s a party) and Lilian and thought, “hang on, are they here to party…”

Then Lillian’s new mellow jam started streaming through the speakers and things got off to the next level.

In spite of myself, the tune has stuck in my head and I’ve failed to find something to displace it. Well played Lillian. (Oh yeah, the Goodlyf crew was also represented)

The Mith warmed things up with his chart topper, FIRE… and then we also had more Klear Kut.

Any other artist with the amount of success this lot has achieved would have likely refused to perform away from a stage, but these guys (and gal) kept it real and entertained the crowed from the pool table area.

Keko was a no-show, which just sucked because I had enrolled for Who Wants to Kwe-Tie On A Celebrity.

In the end

For a launch event, I suppose it worked out well, especially when you consider that Zone 7 took something of a gamble by asking its faithful to pay for a show yet we/they are accustomed to not paying and having a blast…then paying the following morning. This is, by no means, an endorsement of entrance fees being levied at this establishment.

The organisation could have been a little better, sure, it worked, but it could have been pushed a little harder…

Let’s see how Round II goes…


I partied a little too hard and I was too tired to go on, so I left Zone 7 before the second wave of the rain came and messed things up, hence the title…

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