Walk To Work II: The Connection Between Walking Illegally And Eating Easter

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In the Holy Bible, in the book of John, chapter 11 verse 25, there’s a coffee stain. At least in my Bible. I accidentally brushed a cup of coffee over one of the pages and spilled a drop.


Actually, it wasn’t by accident. Let me tell you how it happened.


One day Museveni looked at Besigye and somehow thought of eating sumbusa.

I want to eat sumbusa


So he sent the police to bring him the sumbusa

You're not going to eat me!


But Museveni only managed to eat a small part before the sumbusa escaped

...Then he went to get the soup and I jumped off the plate and ran


Then Besigye’s friends and relatives said no, Museveni, don’t eat him, let us bring real sumbusa to State House.

Not to be confused with the colonel


But the police said no, it is illegal for poor people to sell sumbusa on foot. Go back and buy a car and sell properly like your friends in outside countries.

Go and sell sumbusa properly! Msssttccheeww


So while the police were telling people to follow the 5th Amendment of the Sumbusa Sales Act of the Constitution of Uganda, I was having a cup of coffee while reading a Bible.



Go to your room! And speaking of things you didn’t know, we didn’t post early today coz of very heated debates on what to write about. We thought, should it be:


  1. “Why your mother-in-law could be a ninja”?
  2. “The best ways to die”? Or…
  3. “No, you don’t like your job”?

I just got out to write something for you, then go back to argue.

Anyway, so while reading the Bible, I spilled some of my coffee when a policeman’s gun told a guy somewhere down those ends that “Twa twaa paaa tush tush ta taaaa”. For those who don’t speak bullet, it means “Gwe! As if you don’t know nti Wavamunno sells cars! Go and buy! Silly!” The gun startled me, hence the spillage.



First chill

Is this dude taking us for granted?

What’s the connection he was talking about?

The connection he was talking about

Remember that part with a coffee stain? Guess what? Turns out the coffee stain points out something Easterly. Go read it. There. I just preached to you. Booya!

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