Sun Concerned About The Way Rain Is Acting

By • Apr 8th, 2011 • Category: Society

The sun has this morning relayed to the Kampala public what it thinks of the rain’s bitchy behaviour saying for the first time in ages, it doesn’t like the way rain is stepping into its territory. The sun’s comments follow a few recent mornings where it has woken up to find rain giving orders from its (the sun’s) office.

“Like this morning. She did things to me last night, then when I woke up this morning my matchbox was wet, my lighter was missing and she had disorganized some wires in the oven,” the sun said. “Then when I went to office I found her peeing heavily on my floor. Who does that?”

The sun also reported finding all its bathing water missing from the buckets in the bathroom. “Even the water in the kettle was missing. I couldn’t shower or make tea. I think she drank it all and pee’d it on my floor.”

Before this morning’s incident, the sun had slapped an “invasion of another employee’s duties” suit on the rain with the backing of the ministry of public weather. The sun’s lawyers claimed that the rain had its own season but was operating in the sun’s season claiming people were tired of the sun’s callousness.

“But I know am hot,” the sun revealed. “She’s just jealous. And how come no one has ever come to me to complain? They go to the moon. And if rain had her own office, they’d also go there to complain. She’s probably in her p’s.”

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