My Boyfriend Is Selfish

By • Apr 8th, 2011 • Category: Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

My boyfriend and I don’t talk much most of the time and the only time we get to talk, he’s mostly talking about himself. He doesn’t let me talk about myself much coz it’s always him this and him that. He will always find a way to skew every topic to his own stories. He’s the only person in my life am supposed to really open up to and I can’t. I feel he’s being selfish. How can I change his behavior?


Edith dear,

I know, right? I know about such people. Like I had this cousin who kept complaining to me about his constant headaches even after I had just told him about how cool my iPhone was. I tried to describe its features so that he could at least envy me (they had just come out) but the guy kept ignoring me and going on and on about his boring headaches. He managed to die of severe malaria or something like that but man was he selfish! Do you also have an iPhone? Coz I’m now thinking of trying Google’s Android phone but am still not sure about its functionality.

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    thihihhihihiih..hilarious just