Voices in my Head

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I am brooding. I wish you could see me now; slouching in an attitude of deep contemplation. Casting slitted eye unto the horizon, face drawn and tense…


Thinking long long thoughts about Truth, and the Ultimate Purpose, and the Seeking Questing Spirit of Man. Deep thoughts I tell you, deep thoughts.

I am in that zone.

So when I get deep like this, when I bleed for the people. I become developmental; I think about progress, I think pro quid instead of pro quo, if you know what I mean, which I hope you do, because I don’t. Let me share my thoughts with you. Come close. Let us confer.

(I am in that zone.)

I am thinking about an idea, the meaning and purpose of it. What is an idea; that half formed creature of what if and why not? An idea is the thing that re-defines the texture of history and changes the destiny of the future. It is a unique gift of creation borne forth out of the womb of essence bringing form out of the miasma of nothingness into the new light of exuberance.

I did warn you that I was in that zone.

But see us now, a community stagnant with the murk of incongruence; weighed down by the burden of somnolent encumbrance. We deny and banish ideas and instead uphold the…



Gwe! Bowa!!


Dude come on!! I was warming up, getting all idealoguey… you know… its cool? you sure?

Alright. Click Refresh.

Of late as I cast my eye over the earth, I have spied a movement; a growing monster of change straining against the chains and shackles of mental, social and political enslavement. On the 9th of April we must rise as a people and…


Ok, now you just want to be annoying. Wama let me jazz you what is going to happen on April 9th at the Idealogue Synergy of the Bikozebitya.

1-      Idealoguers are going to come packed with ideas. Yes, but not as Entanda, no. As charged streams of idea particles in their portable proton packs. Mission? To bust open the heads of the masses and replace the useless white goo with useful socially transforming ideas.

Idealogue... Ignorance busters

2-      Gozum the Ignoramamum, king of all stupidity in Uganda will not allow. He wants us to wait for Karamoja to develop.

Can't we all just get along?

3-      No matter how much they blast the Ignoramamum with ideas, he will not be affected. He will just absorb them and complain grumpily of stomach ache.

4-      The idealoguers will combine the streams to create one unified stream of ideas. This will either cause total moronic reversal hence destroying Idealogue or it will kill the Ignoramamum.

5-      Bated breath

6-      End of article.

Will you Come?



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